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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00100

Petasis, N. A.Science of Synthesis, (201047162.

The methylenation of carbonyl compounds is a very useful method for the synthesis of terminal alkenes. By combining this process with subsequent reactions of the alkene products it is also a practical means for a one-carbon homologation and functionalization. Although, in general, this type of carbonyl methylenation can be performed with the Wittig reaction or with the Peterson alkenation, in many cases these methods are not suitable or proceed in low yields. For example, readily enolizable aldehydes and ketones are generally not good substrates for Wittig-type methylenations, due to the basic nature of the reagents that convert the carbonyl groups into the corresponding enolates. Also, the methylenation of esters, lactones, amides, and other types of heteroatom-substituted carbonyl compounds often does not proceed under Wittig or Peterson reaction conditions due to the competing cleavage of the carbonyl-heteroatom bond and the formation of alternative products. Thus, despite the great utility of the Wittig and Peterson alkenation reactions, there are many types of carbonyl derivatives that cannot be employed as substrates in these processes.

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