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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00100

Petasis, N. A.Science of Synthesis, (201047185.

The use of the Petasis reagent 37 is often the preferred method for the methylenation of esters to yield enol ethers due to its nonbasic and nonacidic nature and the simplified workup that avoids product decomposition. This methylenation process works well for a wide range of ester derivatives (Table 10),[‌60‌,‌64‌,‌72‌,‌85‌‌87‌] and further information can be found in Science of Synthesis, Vol. 32 [XEneX (X=F, Cl, Br, I, O, S, Se, Te, N, P), EneHal, and EneO Compounds (Section]. Methylenation of esters (Table 10, entry 1)[‌60‌] and α,β-unsaturated esters (entries 2 and 3)[‌64‌,‌85‌] gives the corresponding diene derivatives, while alkynoate esters also undergo reaction (entry 4).[‌64‌] Selective methylenation at the least hindered carbonyl group of a diester (entry 5) has been observed to proceed under microwave irradiation.[‌72‌] The methylenation of esters containing alkenyl groups works well (entries 6 and 7),[‌86‌,‌87‌] with the enol ether products obtained being used in subsequent cyclization reactions. The selective methylenation of a carbonyl group in an acetoxy substituent of a carbohydrate gives the corresponding isopropenyloxy-substituted carbohydrate (entry 8),[‌88‌] which has been used in the exploration of selective glycosylation reactions after hydrolysis of the pivaloyl residues.[‌88‌]

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