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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00244

Yus, M.; Foubelo, F.Science of Synthesis, (201047556.

Higher alk-1-enes are less reactive than ethene and propene in oligomerization processes catalyzed by transition-metal complexes. In addition, the selectivities are lower because higher alk-1-enes (starting from but-1-ene) lead to a larger fraction of isomers than ethene and propene.[‌1‌] Metallocenes are probably the most frequently used catalysts in alkene oligomerization, the product distribution from dimer to trimer to tetramer (and so on) being a function of monomer flow, metallocene concentration, and reaction temperature.[‌49‌] Decrease of the flow rate and increase of the metallocene concentration both favor the formation of shorter oligomers (dimers), and the average molecular weight of the oligomers formed decreases with increasing temperature. Dimers are probably the most interesting reaction products in oligomerization of higher alk-1-enes and, with metallocenes as the catalysts, no linear adducts are formed regioselectively (Table 4).

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