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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00252

Fringuelli, F.; Piermatti, O.; Pizzo, F.; Vaccaro, L.Science of Synthesis, (201047719.

The first DielsAlder reactions carried out under ultrasound irradiation appeared in 1989 and concern the cycloadditions of a furan-fused 1,2-quinone with several dienes required for the subsequent syntheses of several biologically active abietanoid natural products.[‌590‌] The DielsAlder reaction assisted by ultrasound is usually performed using a pulse mode of irradiation (pulse duration 0.2 to 0.3s) with output values of between 20 and 160W. The sonication induces the formation and the collapse of microbubbles in the liquid phase with the generation of high temperature and pressure.[‌591‌] In this sense a parallel between ultrasonicated and high-pressure-promoted reactions is indicated. The main question concerning a reaction carried out under ultrasound is whether the observed effects are really due to irradiation, or whether they are an artifact due to mechanical action (i.e., more efficient stirring) or to the generation of radicals, or to the formation of new molecules (i.e., Lewis or Brønsted acids in halogenated solvents) acting as catalysts. These concerns become particularly relevant when a cycloaddition is carried out under heterogeneous conditions.[‌592‌]

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