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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00322

Kostikov, R. R.; Khlebnikov, A. F.; Sokolov, V. V.Science of Synthesis, (201047833.

For acyclic vic-halohydrin esters, which are easily available from halohydrins, reduction to alkenes usually proceeds faster and under milder conditions than for the respective halohydrins. The classical reducing agents for halohydrin esters are zinc, magnesium, or sodium metals or organolithium compounds, as well as sodium iodide (see also HoubenWeyl, Vol. 5/1b, p 204).[‌224‌‌227‌] Some newer reagents for stereoselective or even stereospecific reduction have been developed. Thus, aliphatic erythro-iodohydrin acetates 101 provide E-alkenes 102 upon treatment with titanium(IV) chloride in the presence of allyltrimethylsilane, whereas the corresponding threo-isomers afford Z-alkenes exclusively (Scheme 41).[‌228‌] This protocol can also be applied to iodohydrin alkyl and silyl ethers. The photoinduced reduction by samarium(II) iodide of chlorohydrin acetates 103 with two aliphatic substituents provides Z-alkenes 104, but in the case of styrenes the E-isomers are formed exclusively. Since for this reaction a radical mechanism has been proposed, the configuration of the starting chlorohydrin has no importance (Scheme 42).[‌229‌]

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