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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00322

Kostikov, R. R.; Khlebnikov, A. F.; Sokolov, V. V.Science of Synthesis, (201047844.

Earlier information about the reductive desulfurization of thiiranes leading to alkenes can be found in HoubenWeyl, Vol. 5/1b, p 204, and in other sources.[‌202‌,‌290‌] This approach to alkenes has relatively rarely been used in organic synthesis because thiiranes are much less easily available starting materials than other precursors. As the most versatile methods for the preparation of thiiranes start with the treatment of the corresponding oxiranes with alkali metal thiocyanates, thioamides, or similar agents, desulfurization of thiiranes can be considered as a multistep procedure for deoxygenation of oxiranes (see Section Important precursors of sterically encumbered thiiranes (and hence alkenes) are 2,5-dihydro-1,3,4-thiadiazoles, obtained from thiocarbonyl and diazo compounds[‌291‌,‌292‌] or from carbonyl compounds, hydrazine, and hydrogen sulfide.[‌293‌] In contrast to oxiranes, for which a carbophilic attack of nucleophiles is typical, thiiranes exhibit a great tendency to thiophilic attack, leading to sulfur extrusion and thus alkene formation with retention of configuration. The classical reagents for such types of desulfurization are phosphines (e.g., to give 129 from 128) and phosphites (see also HoubenWeyl, Vol. 5/1b, p 204);[‌202‌,‌290‌‌296‌] the reduction with triphenylphosphine can be catalyzed by methyltrioxorhenium(VII)hydrogen sulfide (Table 41).[‌297‌] Alternative reagents for stereospecific desulfurization are halotrimethylsilanes (halo=Br, I),[‌298‌,‌299‌] dicarbonylchlororhodium(I) dimer,[‌300‌] and a zirconiumiridium complex (Cp)2Zr(μ-N-t-Bu)Ir(Cp*).[‌301‌] Butyllithium also reacts with a certain degree of stereoselectivity (e.g., providing 131 from 130),[‌302‌,‌303‌] whereas in the cases of tributyltin hydride,[‌304‌,‌305‌] nickelethanol, lithiumethylamine, zincacetic acid, and diphosphorus tetraiodidedimethylformamide[‌304‌] a lack of chemo- and/or stereoselectivity is observed, and the stereochemistry of desulfurizations with sodiumtoluene has not been determined.[‌306‌]

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