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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00322

Kostikov, R. R.; Khlebnikov, A. F.; Sokolov, V. V.Science of Synthesis, (201047866.

Several modifications of the alkene synthesis employing the Shapiro protocol with subsequent trapping of the intermediate alkenyl anion 196 with electrophilic alkylating agents such as alkyl halides or alkyl sulfates have been developed (Scheme 66).[‌389‌‌391‌] Examples of this procedure for the synthesis of substituted alkenes, e.g. 197 are shown in Table 48.[‌355‌,‌380‌,‌383‌,‌389‌‌393‌]

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MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, MMMMM, ee MeM 88 [‌888‌]
MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, MMMMM, ee MeMe 88 [‌888‌]
MeMe (8 eeeee),-88°M, eeeeee, ee MeMe 88e [‌888‌]
MeMe (8 eeeee),-88°M, MMMMM, ee MeMe e.e. [‌888‌]
MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, MMMMM, ee MeMe 88 [‌888‌]
MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, MMMMM, ee Me8MM8 88 [‌888‌]
e-MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, eeeeee, ee MeMe 88 [‌888‌]
MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, MMMMM, ee MeMe e.e. [‌888‌]
MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, MMMMM, ee MeM e.e. [‌888‌]
MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, MMMMM, ee MeM 88 [‌888‌]
e-MeMe (8 eeeee), MMM, 88 ee 8°M Me8MM8 88e [‌888‌]
e-MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, eeeeee, ee MeMe 88 [‌888‌]
e-MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, eeeeee, ee MeMe 8888 [‌888‌]
MeMe (8 eeeee), 88°M, MMMMM, ee MeMe 88 [‌888‌]

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MM8MM8Me MM8MM8 MM -88 88 [‌888‌]
Me (MM8)8Me M MM -88 88 (8:8)e [‌888‌]
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