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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-048-00305

de Meijere, A.; Kozhushkov, S. I.Science of Synthesis, (200948504.

The cyclopropane-forming extrusion of one and two carbon monoxide molecules from cyclobutanones and cyclopentanediones, respectively (Scheme 29), as well as extrusions of carbon dioxide from γ-lactones to form cyclopropanes, can be induced by irradiation. The last reaction can also be brought about by heating with sodium chloride in dimethyl sulfoxide (Krapcho conditions[‌57‌]). These reactions are of some importance for the preparation of functionally substituted cyclopropanes (see HoubenWeyl, Vol.E 17b, p995). However, until recently they had virtually no application for the synthesis of cyclopropane hydrocarbons 86, except for the very important first synthesis of the tetrahedrane 88, kinetically stabilized by sterically demanding substituents.[‌6‌,‌136‌] Thus, irradiation of the tetra-tert-butylcyclopentadienone isolated in an argon matrix with 254-nm light gives the tricyclopentanone 87 by intramolecular [2+2] criss-cross cycloaddition, as detected by IR spectroscopy. Continued irradiation leads to carbon monoxide extrusion, which completes the successful synthesis of tetra-tert-butyltetrahedrane (88).[‌137‌] Substantial quantities of di-tert-butylacetylene are also detected. The four bulky substituents in 88 prevent both its dissociation into two acetylene fragments as well as its thermal reorganization into tetra-tert-butylcyclobutadiene. The latter transformation has an activation barrier of 26kcal·mol1, while tetra-tert-butylcyclobutadiene can be converted back into tetrahedrane 88 photochemically. However, only tetrahedrane 88 can be synthesized by photochemical carbon monoxide extrusion from tricyclopentanone 87.[‌138‌] This strategy fails with other tetrasubstituted cyclopentadienones, even with bulky substituents (see below). Moreover, the yield drops to 13% when the tetra-tert-butylcyclopentadienone contains one perdeuterated tert-butyl group.

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