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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-048-00305

de Meijere, A.; Kozhushkov, S. I.Science of Synthesis, (200948506.

Carbenes are uncharged reactive intermediates that have a divalent carbon atom and consequently react in various ways to complete their valence shells, e.g. by (1) intramolecular rearrangements, (2) intermolecular CH σ-bond insertions, (3) dimerization to alkenes, and (4) cycloadditions to C=C π-bonds. Photolyses or thermolyses of diazomethane, substituted diazomethanes 93, or 3H-diazirines 94 produce highly reactive singlet carbenes 95 that traditionally have been used in cyclopropane synthesis (Scheme 31). However, reactions of such carbenes have a bad reputation because they are difficult to control, as the insertion can occur into primary, secondary, and tertiary CH bonds of an alkane with almost equal ease (see HoubenWeyl, Vol.4/3, pp101, 255 and Vol.E 17a, pp256, 327). Therefore, cyclopropanations with these species can furnish complex mixtures of products with low to moderate yields of the desired cyclopropane derivatives, and preparative GC or HPLC often has to be employed to isolate the product. To increase the yield, the alkene is frequently used as the solvent. Various carbenes generated within cyclodextrins, hemicarcerands, and zeolites demonstrate increased selectivities;[‌142‌] however, this trick has not been widely applied for the synthesis of hydrocarbons with a cyclopropane moiety. Although diazirines 94 have reasonably frequently been used in the synthesis of functionally substituted cyclopropanes,[‌143‌] only a few particular examples for the preparation of pure hydrocarbons, such as the spirocyclopropanated adamantanes, e.g. 9799, from the adamantylidene-substituted diazirine 96, are known.[‌144‌‌146‌]

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