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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-048-00305

de Meijere, A.; Kozhushkov, S. I.Science of Synthesis, (200948567.

The synthesis of tetrahedranes by irradiation of cyclobutadienes is discussed in Section (see Scheme 72). The photolysis of unsubstituted buta-1,3-diene does not lead to bicyclobutane, but yields cyclobut-1-ene as the major photoproduct, and the unsubstituted bicyclobutane is only formed in traces.[‌6‌] This is due to the instability of bicyclobutane toward further irradiation. However, an enhanced stability of highly alkylated bicyclobutanes makes their preparation possible under photochemical conditions, and irradiation (450-W high-pressure mercury lamp) of buta-1,3-dienes 278 with bulky substituents in the 2- and 3-positions in dilute solution leads to the formation of the corresponding 1,3-disubstituted bicyclobutanes 279 in 5565% yields (Scheme 88).[‌413‌] Unfortunately, experimental details for these photochemical transformations and separations of the bicyclobutanes from other photoproducts have not been described. In contrast to this, cyclopentadienes 280, with their s-cis-locked conjugated double bonds, upon irradiation afford the theoretically interesting (and rather unstable) bicyclo[2.1.0]pent-2-enes 281,[‌414‌] albeit in low yields.[‌415‌‌417‌]

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