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9.10.5 Thiophenes and Thiophene 1,1-Dioxides (Update 2024)

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-109-00546

Harris, P. A.Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates, (202411.

General Introduction

Thiophenes are widely reported heterocycles in chemistry and more than 100000 references can currently be found in SciFinder using the keyword thiophene, with about half of them added since 2011. This present chapter is intended to supplement both the first chapter on thiophenes by Schatz, Section 9.10 of Science of Synthesis, that covered the literature up to 2000, and the subsequent update covering the literature from 2001–2010 (Section 9.10.4).[‌1‌,‌2‌] This chapter will therefore focus on reports from the 2011–2022 period. The synthesis of thiophenes via multicomponent reactions was reviewed more recently by Schaper and Müller in 2018.[‌3‌] The hierarchy used in this chapter for organizing the ring-formation reactions is shown in Scheme 1. In the period 2011–2022 about half the ring cyclizations involved formation of both one SC and one CC bond, with the SC2 and C3C4 bonds being the most common.

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