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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-110-00001

Joule, J. A.Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates, (2010212.

Still the most widely used route, the Fischer synthesis,[‌63‌] first discovered in 1883, consists of heating an arylhydrazone 36, usually with, or in, a mineral or organic protic acid, or with a Lewis acid, but sometimes simply in a high boiling solvent; ammonia is lost and an indole 37 is formed (Scheme 17). In many instances the reaction can be carried out simply by heating together an aldehyde or ketone and an arylhydrazine in an acidic medium, when formation of the arylhydrazone and its subsequent transformation into an indole take place without the necessity for isolation of the arylhydrazone.

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Meeeeeee Meeeeeee Meeeeeeeee Meeeeee Meeee (%) Mee
MM8, eeeeee 88.8 [‌888‌]
MeMM, eeeeee 88 [‌888‌]
MeMe8, eeeeee 88 [‌888‌]
MeMe8, MeMM, eeeeee 88 [‌888‌]
eeeee MMe/M8M (8:8), ee eeee 888°M 88 [‌888‌]
8 M MMe, MeMM, eeeeee 88 [‌888‌]
MeMM, eeeeeee, eeeeee 88 [‌88‌]
eeeee M8MM8, MeMM, eeeeee 88 [‌888‌]
Meeeeeeee, eeeeee, eeeeee 88e [‌888‌]
8% M8MM8, M8, eeeeee 88 [‌888‌]
MeMM, 88°M 88 [‌888‌]
M8M8, MeMM, ee, 8 e 88 [‌888‌]
M8MM8 (eee.), MeMM, 88°M 88 [‌888‌]
Meeeeeeee 88, eeeeeee, eeeeee 88 [‌88‌]
eeeeeeee eeeeee, eeeeee 88 [‌888‌]
eeeeeeee eeeeee, eeeeee 88 [‌888‌]
MMe8, ee, 88 eee 88 [‌888‌]
88% M8MM8, eeeeeee, 888°M, 8 e 88 [‌88‌]
eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, 8°M, 8.8 e eeee ee, 8.8 e 88 [‌888‌]
eeeeeeeeeee eeeeee, eeeeeeeee 88 [‌88‌]
MeMe8, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee, 888°M 88 [‌888‌]
MMMe8, MeMM, eeeeee eeee, 88°M 88 [‌888‌]
MeMM•M8M, MeMM, eeeeee 88 [‌88‌]

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Meeeeeeeeeee Meeeeeeee

8,8-Meeeeeee-8-eeeee-8M-eeeeee (88, M8 = M8 = M8 = M8 = M; M8 = M8 = Me; M8 = MM8); Meeeeee Meeeeeeee:[‌888‌]

Meeee-8-eee (8-eeeeeeeeeee)eeeeeeeee (88 e, 888 eeee) eee eeeeee ee 88°M ee eeeee MMe (888 eM) ee 88°M eee 8 e. Mee eeeee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeee, eeeeee eeee eeeee MMe eee M8M, eee eeee eeeeeeeee eeee eee eeeeeee (MMMMMMM: eeeeeeeeee) eee eee eeeeeee eeee eee eeeee. Meeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeee (eeeeeee M) eeee eee eeeeeee; eeeee: 8.8 e (88%); ee 888°M.

8,8,8,8-Meeeeeeeee-8M-eeeeeeeee (88); Meeeeee Meeeeeeee:[‌888‌]

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8-Meeee-8-eeeeee-8M-eeeeee-8-eeeeeee (88, M8 = Me; 8-Meeee-8-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee); Meeeeee Meeeeeeee:[‌888‌]

(8-Meeee-8-eeeeeeeeeeee)eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee ee 88% ee MMM (888 eM) eee eee eeee eee eeeeee ee -88°M eeeeee 8,8-eeeeeeeeeeee (8.8 e, 8.88 eee) ee MMM (88 eM) eee eeeee. Mee eeeeeeeee eeeeeee eee eeee ee -88°M eee 8 e, eee eeee ee ee eee 88 e. Meeeeeee eeee Me8M eeee eeeeeeee ee eeeee (888 eM) eeee eee eeeeee, eeee eeeee eee eeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeeeeee, eeeeee eeee eee. ee MeMMM8 eee eeeee, eeeee (MeMM8), eee eeeeeeeeeeee. Me eee eeeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeee eee eeeee eeeee MeMe8 (88 e) eee eee eeeeeee eee eeeeee ee 88°M eeeee ee eee eeeeeeeeee eee eeee ee 888°M eee 8 e. Meeee eeeeeee ee 88°M, eee eeeeeee eee eeeeee eeee e eeeeeee ee eeeeeee eee (888 eM) eee eeeee MMe (888 eM). Me Me8M eeeeeee eee eeeeee eeee eee MMe eee eeee eeeee, eeeee (MeMM8), eee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeee e eeeeeee, eeeee eee eeeeeeee ee eeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee (eeeeee eee, MMMe8) ee eeee eee eeeeeee ee ee eeeee eee; eeeee: 88.8 e (88%).

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eee-8e-Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-8(8M)-eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee (8 e, 88.8 eeee) eee eeeee MeMe8 (88 e, 888 eeee) eeee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeee eee MeMM eee 8 e. M8M eee eeeee ee eee eeeeee eeeeeee eee eeee eeeeeeeeee ee MeMM eee eeeee ee eeeeeeee eee Me(MM)8. Mee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee eeee Me8M eee eee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeee eee MMe eee ee MeMMM8, eeeee (Me8MM8), eee eeeeeeeeeeee, eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeee-eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee (ee 888–888°M/8 Meee) eeeeee 88; eeeee: 8.88 e (88%); ee 88–88.8°M.

8-Meeeee-8,8,8,8-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee[e]eeeeee (88); Meeeeee Meeeeeeee:[‌88‌]

M-Meeeeeeee-8-eeee-M′-eeeeee-M′-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (88; 8.88 e, 8 eeee) eee eeeeeeeee ee 8.8 M eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee ee MeMM (888 eM). Meeee 8 e ee ee, eeeee M8MM8 eee eeeee eee eeee, eeeee 88 eee, eee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeee eee eee eeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee. Mee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeee eeee Me8M ee eeee ee eeee eeeeeeeee, eee eeee eeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeee 88; eeeee: 8.88 e (88%).

8-Meeee-8,8,8,8-eeeeeeeeee-8M-eeeeee[8,8-e]eeeee-8-eee (88, 8-Meeee-8,8,8,8-eeeeeeeeee-8M-β-eeeeeeee-8-eee); Meeeeee Meeeeeeee:[‌888‌]

8-(8-Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)eeeeeeeee-8-eee (888 ee, 8.8 eeee) eee eeeeeeeee ee 88% MMM8M (8 eM) eee eee eeee eee eeeeee ee eee Meeeee eee ee e Meee eeeeeeeee eeee, eeeee eee eeeeee ee eeee eeeee (888 M) ee e eeeeeeeee eeee eee 8 eee. Mee eeeeeee eee eeeee ee M8M (8 eM) eee eee eeeeeeeeee eee eeeeee eee 8 eee, eee eeee eeeeee eee eeeeeeee ee eeee 88; eeeee: 8.888 e (88%); ee >888°M.

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Me eeeeee 8,8-eeeeeeee-8-eeeeeeeeeeeee (8.88 e, 88.8 eeee) ee eeeeeee (888 eM) eeee 8-Å eeeeeeeee eeeeee (8 e) eee eeeee 8-(8-eeeeeeeeeeee)-8-[8-(eeeeeeee-8-eeeeeeeee)eeeeee]eeeeeeeee eeee, ee 8°M, MeMM (8.8 e, 88.8 eeee) eee eeeee. Meeee 8 e ee 8°M eee 88 e ee ee, eee eeeeee eeee eeeeeeee eee eee eee eeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee eeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeee eeeee eeeee eee eeee eeeeeeeeee ee eeeeee eeeee eeeeee ee MeMM. Mee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeee (88 e) eee eeee e eeeeeee ee M8M88 eee MeMM (8:88; 88 e) eee eeeee eee eee eeeeeee eee eeeeee, ee eee eeee, eee 8 e ee 88°M, eeee eee 8 e ee 88°M, eee eeeeeee eee 8 e ee 88°M. Mee eeeeeee eee eeeeee, eMeMMe (888 eM) eee eeeee, eeeeeeee ee 88.8% ee MeMM (888 eM) eeee 88 eee, eee eeee eee eeeee eee eeeeeee ee eM 88. Mee eeeeee eeee eeeeeeeee eee eee eeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeee eeee M8M, eeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeee eee, eee eeeeeeeeeeee. Me eeeeeeee ee MeMM eee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeee eee eeeeee 88; eeeee: 8.88 e (88%); ee 888–888°M.

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MeMMMM8 (8.8 e, 88 eeee) eee 8-eeeeeeeeeeee-8-eee (8.8 e, 88 eeee) eeee eeeeee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeee (88 eM) eeee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeee ee M8M eee 8 e. Mee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeee eee eee eeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeeee eee eeee eeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeee (88 eM) eee 88 e. Mee eeeeeee eee eeeeee, M8M (888 eM) eee eeeee, eee eee eeeee eee eeeeeeeee eeee Me8M. Mee eeeeeee eee eeeeee eeee eee MMe eee eeee M8M, eeee eeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeee eee eeeeeee; eeeee: 8.8 e (88%); ee 88–88°M (eeeeeeeee eeeee).

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Me 8,8-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 8-eeeeeeeeeeeeee (8 e, 88 eeee) ee eee MM8Me8 (888 eM) eee eeeee MMe8 (8.8 eM, 88 eee). Meeee 88 eee ee ee, eee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee ee eee. ee MeMMM8. Mee eeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeee eeee M8M, eeeee (Me8MM8), eee eeeeeeeeeeee. Mee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeee (eeeeee eee, eeeeeeeee eeeee/Me8M 8:8) eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee (eeeeee) eeee eee eeeeeee; eeeee: 8.88 e (88%); ee 888–888°M.

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Me e eeee ee 8,8,8,8-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (888 μM, 8.8 eeee) ee eeeeeee (8 eM) ee 8°M, eee eeeee eeeeeeee eeeee eeeee 8.8 M MeMe ee eeeeee (8.88 eM, 8.8 eeee). Mee eeee eee eeeeeee eee 88 eee ee 8°M eeee 8 M Me8MeMe ee eeeeee (8.8 eM, 8.8 eeee) eee eeeee. Mee eeeeeee eeee eeeeeeee eeeeee eeeeeeee eee 88 eee ee 8°M eee eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeee.

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