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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-140-00180

Scammells, P. J.Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates, (20132445.

The direct amination of alcohols using ammonia and a heterogeneous catalyst has emerged as a useful method for the preparation of primary amines.[‌54‌‌56‌] For example, the conversion of primary alcohols into the corresponding primary amines 21 by treatment with ammonia in the presence of a pincer-type ruthenium(II) complex 20 has been reported.[‌54‌] Using this procedure, benzyl alcohol and ammonia (7.5 atm) react in the presence of complex 20 (0.1 mol%) to give benzylamine (21, R1 = Ph) in 75% isolated yield (Scheme 14). The scope of this reaction has been explored, with a range of aryl- and het­aryl-substituted methanols, as well as primary aliphatic alcohols, being converted into the corresponding primary amines in yields ranging from 61 to 96%. Interestingly, reactions of this type can be conducted in neat alcohol and even „on water“ in the case of insoluble or poorly water-soluble alcohols. However, water-soluble alcohols such as 2-pyridyl­methanol and 2-methoxyethanol undergo minimal conversion even after prolonged heating when the reaction is conducted in water. It is noteworthy that the ruthenium catalyst used in these reactions is readily prepared from 4,5-bis(bromomethyl)acridine in two high-yielding steps, and is found to be stable in air for several months.[‌54‌]

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