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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-201-00223

van Leeuwen, P. W. N. M.Science of Synthesis: Stereoselective Synthesis, (20111417.

The use of the classic triphenylphosphine-based rhodium hydroformylation catalysts in organic synthesis is limited due to the moderate regioselectivity that is obtained; for unhindered alk-1-enes the ratio of linear to branched product is roughly 2:1, and additionally the alkene substrate may be converted into internal alkenes (20atm, 70100°C, [Rh]=1 mM, [Ph3P] <10 mM). Isomerization to internal alkenes may vary from very low to almost complete depending on the conditions applied; low carbon monoxide partial pressure, high temperature, and low triphenylphosphine concentration lead to more isomerization. At high triphenylphosphine concentrations the linearity increases, but higher pressures and temperatures are required to obtain acceptable rates, as in the commercial process for propene hydroformylation to butanal (30atm, 120°C, 94% linear product, TOF=300mol·mol1·h1). For substituted alkenes, however, triphenylphosphine may present a useful catalyst as is shown in a series of model substrates in Scheme 7.[‌52‌] In this series only steric effects are the cause of the change in selectivity, which suggests that with Xantphos and BISBI catalysts also, and the commercial system using triphenylphosphine, steric effects are responsible for the selectivity. The order in alkene concentration of the reaction rate is found to be 1 for all substrates, demonstrating the normal behavior for triphenylphosphine and alk-1-enes under these conditions. Electronically modified alkenes, such as styrene and acrylates, may give preferential formation of branched products due to an electronic effect in the rate of the insertion step or in the stabilization of an alkylrhodium intermediate. Hydroformylation of internal alkenes or 2,2-dialkyl-substituted ethenes is slow and thus this is not a useful reaction. Formation of internal alkenes during terminal alkene hydroformylation does not lead to hydroformylation of internal alkenes either when triphenylphosphine-based catalysts are used, and the isomerization products can and must be separated from the reaction mixture.

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