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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-202-00363

Clapés, P.; Fessner, W. -D.Science of Synthesis: Stereoselective Synthesis, (20112685.

The biochemical route to dihydroxyacetone phosphate (1) is based on enzymatic phosphoryl transfer to dihydroxyacetone (10, DHA) by ATP-dependent kinases with in situ cofactor regeneration. This procedure gives a product that can either be isolated in relatively high purity (8090%) or used in situ. Three approaches are described in the literature (Schemes 68). In the first approach (Scheme 6), which shows the synthesis of d-tagatose 1,6-bisphosphate (11), glycerol kinase (EC accepts dihydroxyacetone (10) as a substrate analogue.[‌22‌,‌23‌] The reaction includes a cofactor-recycling scheme using 2-(phosphonooxy)prop-2-enoic acid (12) (or acetyl phosphate) as the ultimate phosphoryl donor and can be scaled up efficiently to the mole scale without difficulty. The enzymatic procedure using 2-(phosphonooxy)prop-2-enoic acid (12) as the ultimate phosphorylating agent is somewhat more convenient because 2-(phosphonooxy)prop-2-enoic acid (12) has greater stability in solution than acetyl phosphate. The procedures are otherwise comparable. The disadvantages are the need for a separate preparation of the phosphate donor [2-(phosphonooxy)prop-2-enoic acid or acetyl phosphate], and complications arising during the purification of aldol adducts from the side products released stoichiometrically during ATP regeneration (pyruvate or acetate).[‌24‌,‌25‌]

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