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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-219-00174

Wang, S.-H.; Tu, Y.-Q.; Tang, M.Science of Synthesis: Applications of Domino Transformations in Organic Synthesis, (20151277.

The Overman group has developed an outstanding sequential series of acid-catalyzed cationic cyclization–rearrangements, which have been used to synthesize stereochemically complex substituted pyrrolidines,[‌18‌‌20‌] substituted tetrahydrofurans,[‌21‌‌24‌] and carbocyclic rings.[‌25‌,‌26‌] As a potentially useful annulation sequence, when cyclic substrates of type 26 are used, the rearrangements result in an unusual reaction in which elaboration of a new five-membered ring is coupled with a one-carbon ring enlargement of the starting carbocyclic ring (Scheme 8).

Meeeee 8 Meeeeeeeee Meee-Meeeeeeee Meeeeeee Meeeeeeeeee–Meeeeeeeeeeee

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