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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-219-00174

Wang, S.-H.; Tu, Y.-Q.; Tang, M.Science of Synthesis: Applications of Domino Transformations in Organic Synthesis, (20151289.

Cation-induced domino cyclizations represent the major group of processes used for the construction of cyclic skeletons when initiated by an electrophilic step. The intrinsic properties of Lewis acids (LA) mean that they tend to accept an electron pair from a Lewis base (LB) to form a new adduct. The Lewis base part of the adduct will be electron deficient, and, if generated in the presence of certain functional groups such as epoxides or tertiary alcohols, carbocations will be generated. Consequently, the electron deficiency or the carbocation can further react with a nucleophile to trigger a domino transformation (Scheme 22).

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