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2.9.7 Conclusions and Future Perspectives

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-222-00230

Mondal, M.; Bora, U.Science of Synthesis: Metal-Catalyzed Cyclization Reactions, (20162531.

Although tremendous progress has been achieved in the field of radical cyclization reactions for selective organic synthesis, numerous areas remain unexplored. In recent years, radical reactions have evolved into many general areas in organic, inorganic, materials, supramolecular, and polymer chemistry. The present status of radical processes may be attributed to the groups of Julia, Walling, Ingold, Beckwith, Hart, Stork, Houk, RajanBabu, Mulliken,[‌472‌] Kagan,[‌175‌] Taube,[‌473‌] Marcus,[‌474‌] Huber,[‌475‌] Kochi,[‌476‌] Ashby,[‌477‌] Pross,[‌478‌] Evans,[‌479‌] Giese,[‌36‌] Curran,[‌37‌] Roy, Chakraborty, Snider, Demir, Molander, Gansäuer, Nishino, and many more. The strategies developed so far have already begun to display their utility in a wide range of applications ranging from the preparation of significant biologically active compounds or their precursors to agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. With the advantages of higher yields and higher stereoselectivities relative to those obtained in the equivalent cationic reactions, radical cyclizations have been applied in the efficient synthesis of many (poly)cyclic skeletons that are valuable synthons in numerous synthetic approaches. Moreover, relative to their cationic counterparts, radical-bioinspired protocols are often characterized by their unique chemo- and regioselectivities. Nevertheless, some methods still suffer from certain drawbacks and need further research. For instance, the development of general methods for the synthesis of large families of organic products might be more productive than specific procedures restricted to the preparation of only one or a few compounds. Furthermore, titanium(III)-based radical cyclizations do not allow the synthesis of cis-fused carbocycles, which are essential elements of many natural products.

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