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2.4 Dehydrogenation

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-225-00048

Kayaki, Y.; Ikariya, T.Science of Synthesis: Catalytic Oxidation in Organic Synthesis, (2017181.

General Introduction

The dehydrogenation of saturated organic molecules is utilized for hydrogen production from potential hydrogen energy carriers, and for fundamental oxidation protocols in the manufacture of commodity chemicals. Catalytic dehydrogenative transformations can be divided into: (1) the decomposition of hydrogen storage compounds including formic acid[‌1‌‌4‌] and amine–boranes;[‌5‌‌7‌] (2) the dehydrogenation of alcohols, amines, and alkanes based on hydrogen-transfer reactions[‌8‌‌10‌] with oxidants; and (3) acceptorless oxidation and tandem coupling reactions with hydrogen evolution.

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