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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-227-00041

Llopis, Q.; Ayad, T.; Phansavath, P.; Ratovelomanana-Vidal, V.Science of Synthesis: Catalytic Reduction in Organic Synthesis, (20182154.

High-throughput screening has demonstrated that chiral BoPhoz-type ligands are efficient in the copper-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation of prochiral ketones. The combination of BoPhoz-type ligand (R,S)-132 with tris(3,5-dimethylphenyl)phosphine provides the best catalyst system, and hydrogenates aryl and hetaryl ketones under 20 bar of hydrogen to yield the corresponding secondary alcohols 133 in good enantioselectivities (Scheme 56).[‌118‌] Attempts to increase asymmetric induction by using additives or by changing the reaction conditions were unsuccessful.

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