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2.12 Micelle-Mediated Synthesis

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-241-00187

Graham, J. S.; Stanway-Gordon, H. A.; Waring, M. J.Science of Synthesis: DNA-Encoded Libraries, (20241427.

General Introduction

Reactions on DNA-conjugated substrates must usually be carried out in aqueous media, due to the insolubility of the DNA strand in most organic solvents. While efforts have been made to overcome this disadvantage through the use of a solid support,[‌1‌] for example, a reversible adsorption to solid support (RASS),[‌2‌] there are still limitations on the substrate scope and conversions of these reactions. This results in reduced chemical diversity of the resulting library and, accordingly, efforts have been made to develop new, efficient on-DNA reactions.[‌3‌‌5‌]

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