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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-001-00322

Malacria, M.; Aubert, C.; Renaud, J.-L.Science of Synthesis, (20011512.

The PausonKhand reaction generates a cyclopentenone in a single step from an alkyne via its hexacarbonyldicobalt complex, an alkene, and carbon monoxide, with the last present as a ligand in the complex or added as the gas (Scheme 87). The overall process of this reaction is a formal [2+2+1] cycloaddition. The reaction was discovered in 1973 during a study of the reaction of various (alkyne)hexacarbonyldicobalt complexes with norbornadiene.[‌208‌] Since then, this reaction has attracted considerable interest among synthetic and organometallic chemists, as evidenced by the number of publications in the last two decades. Excellent reviews have been published and have compiled all the aspects of this reaction in terms of scope and limitations, mechanism, regio- and stereoselectivities, examples in inter- and intramolecular versions, and several synthetic applications.[‌339‌‌343‌,‌400‌‌402‌]

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