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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-002-00214

Kündig, E. P.; Pache, S. H.Science of Synthesis, (20032159.

The preferred method for the synthesis of (arene)tricarbonylchromium(0) complexes 6 (M=Cr) is thermolysis of hexacarbonylchromium(0) under an inert atmosphere (nitrogen or argon) in the presence of an excess of the arene, in a high-boiling solvent (Scheme 4). This can be the arene itself, dibutyl ether/tetrahydrofuran,[‌31‌] 1,2-dimethoxyethane,[‌32‌] diglyme/tetrahydrofuran,[‌33‌] heptane/diglyme,[‌34‌] α-picoline,[‌35‌] Decalin/ethyl formate, or Decalin/butyl acetate.[‌36‌,‌37‌] For aryl amino acids, a mixture of water and tetrahydrofuran (80:20) has been successfully applied.[‌38‌] The polar ether and ester additives (or solvents) promote carbonyl dissociation, stabilize intermediates, and the vigorous reflux of lower boiling additives washes sublimed hexacarbonylchromium(0) back into the reaction. The most widely used solvent combination is dibutyl ether/tetrahydrofuran (9:1).[‌31‌] This allows the preparation of a wide range of complexes in good yields with reaction times typically in the 14 day range. Higher temperatures shorten the reaction times but increase the risk of decomposition, which, once started, can lead to rapid product loss. Special apparatus (double condenser system[‌36‌] or distillative recycling of hexacarbonylchromium[‌39‌]) is advantageous or required in some of the procedures. Complexes of condensed aromatics are unstable toward polar solvents (tetrahydrofuran, dimethyl sulfoxide, acetone) and their synthesis requires special care[‌40‌‌42‌] or the use of more labile [Cr(CO)3L3] precursors (vide infra). A selection (717) from the hundreds of mono- and polysubstituted chromiumarene complexes made by this method is shown in Scheme 4. Condensed aromatics coordinate the metal in a terminal ring (e.g., in the phenanthrene complex 16). This can be attributed to a minimum disruption of aromaticity.[‌43‌] Regioselectivity favors the arene over the heteroarene ring (e.g., in the indole complex 12) and the nonsubstituted arene ring in 1-mono- and 1,4-disubstituted naphthalenes (e.g., in 15).

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