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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-002-00214

Kündig, E. P.; Pache, S. H.Science of Synthesis, (20032186.

In addition to carbanions and carbocations, the Cr(CO)3 group also stabilizes benzylic radicals. This can lead to powerful synthetic methodology, particularly when used in combination with the strong asymmetric induction provided by planar chiral complexes. Samarium(II) iodide promoted radical reactions, including pinacol coupling of complexed aryl aldehydes[‌196‌] and aryl imines,[‌197‌] γ-butyrolactone formation from planar chiral aryl ketone complexes and methyl acrylate[‌198‌,‌371‌] are highlighted here (Scheme 33).

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