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2.10.11 Product Subclass 11: Titanium–Alkene Complexes

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-002-00576

Mikami, K.; Matsumoto, Y.; Shiono, T.Science of Synthesis, (20032563.

Complexes containing metalalkene bonds may, alternatively, be regarded as metallacyclopropanes (cf. 261A and 261B; Scheme 128). A stabilizing ligand such as cyclopentadienyl is often employed for the metal. Alkenetitanium complexes have been prepared by ligand displacement or reduction of halotitanium complexes in the presence of alkene. [Ti(Cp)2(H2C=CH2)] (261A) and [Ti(Cp*)2(H2C=CH2)] (263) are highly reactive towards electrophiles and unsaturated organic molecules, giving the corresponding titanacycles (Scheme 128).[‌365‌] The X-ray structure analysis of a bicyclic titanacyclopentane 262, prepared from [Ti(Cp)2(H2C=CH2)] (261) and a methylenecyclopropane (Scheme 128), has been reported.[‌375‌]

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