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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-003-00274

Heaney, H.; Christie, S.Science of Synthesis, (20043617.

As mentioned in other sections of this chapter, the copper reagents derived from alkyl Grignard and lithium (see below) reagents are among the most widely studied, simply due to the ready availability of the precursor organometallic reagents. In this context, the most popular cuprates for study are often Me2CuMgX (derived from MeMgX) and Bu2CuMgX (from BuMgX). It is fair to say that these, along with corresponding lithium derivatives, are among the most intensely studied in the search for new reactions and also when studying reaction mechanisms. A vast amount of work has been published using these relatively simple cuprates and it would be impossible to be comprehensive here. Instead, selected examples will be shown which illustrate the wide range of chemistry that can be achieved, in order to give the reader a flavor of the chemistry.