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9.4 Product Class 4: Tellurirenes

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-009-00046

Tokitoh, N.; Ando, W.Science of Synthesis, (2001965.

In the case of tellurium, the UV photolysis of dimethyl telluride is a usable source of 3P2,1,0 tellurium atoms.[‌1‌] In flashed mixtures of dimethyl telluride vapor (103 to 101Torr with carbon dioxide diluent) using kinetic absorption spectroscopy, intense absorptions at 214.3225.9nm, which correspond to known transitions of Te(3P2), and at 238.6 and 238.3nm, corresponding to Te(3P1) and (3P0), respectively, were observed.[‌2‌]

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