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21.11 Product Class 11: Peptides

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-021-00693

Lubell, W. D.; Blankenship, J. W.; Fridkin, G.; Kaul, R.Science of Synthesis, (200521713.

General Introduction

Peptides are chains of amino acids linked by amide bonds. So-called peptide bonds are the most abundant examples of amides in nature. The remarkable biological and physical properties exhibited by natural peptides and proteins have stimulated great efforts to develop mild, functional group tolerant, high yielding, cost effective methodology for the synthesis of amide bonds. Moreover, because amide bond geometry and the dynamics of amide isomerization play significant roles in the folding and function of peptide and protein structures, chemists have strived to synthesize conformationally rigid amide surrogates and analogues possessing different barriers for amide isomerization in order to probe the importance of structure on peptide chemistry and biology.

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