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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-023-00535

Tidwell, T. T.Science of Synthesis, (200623601.

Racemic alkylketene dimers 178 are prepared in situ by quinuclidine hydrochloride induced dimerization of monoalkylketenes generated by dehydrochlorination of alkanoyl chlorides.[‌118‌] The dimers 178 undergo epoxidation upon reaction with dimethyldioxirane forming diastereomeric spiroepoxy-β-lactones 179A and 179B with a strong preference for oxygenation of the face of the double bond opposite to the substituent at C2 (Scheme 57).[‌118‌] The spiroepoxy-β-lactones 179 undergo ring opening with a variety of nucleophiles, and have considerable promise for synthetic applications.

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