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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-025-00010

Podlech, J.Science of Synthesis, (20072533.

Utilization of dimethyl sulfoxide as the oxidant in the presence of a suitable electrophilic activator is one of the most frequently used methods for the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones, respectively.[‌2‌,‌6‌,‌55‌‌58‌] Although some of the information given here has been gained from the syntheses of ketones, it relates to aldehydes as well. Two general features of all variations of this method are that no overoxidation to carboxylic acids is observed and diols are oxidized to 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds rather than cleaved oxidatively [as may occur when chromium(VI), manganese(VII), or ruthenium oxidants are employed]. Moreover, these variants use inexpensive and commercially available reagents and work both on small and large scales. Although many activation methods are recommended, only a fraction give constantly good results and these are the ones in common use. The first of them is the Swern method that traditionally employs oxalyl chloride as the activating agent. Acetic anhydride, trifluoroacetic anhydride, sulfur trioxidepyridine, and others find occasional application in this role as well. The CoreyKim method using dimethyl sulfide/N-chlorosuccinimide is included in this section since it and the Swern approach proceed through an identical intermediate. A comparison of the most frequently applied Swern-like methods has been published; however, the results obtained may be biased since they refer to the oxidation of just one substrate (decan-1-ol) (see Table 1).[‌59‌] Problems that occur with some of the methods are incomplete conversion, the formation of acetoxy- or chloro-substituted side products, and the generation of varying amounts of Pummerer products; the latter arise especially at higher temperatures. In addition, as the foul-smelling byproduct dimethyl sulfide is formed in all of the procedures, the reactions should be carried out in well-ventilated hoods and the solvent waste should be treated with bleach.

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