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40.11.6 Product Subclass 6: N,N′-Dialkylsulfur Diimides

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-040-00963

Chemler, S. R.Science of Synthesis, (2009401279.

N,N-Dialkylsulfur diimides (R1N=S=NR2),[‌57‌‌59‌] N,N-diarylsulfur diimides[‌60‌,‌61‌] and N,N-bis(alkoxycarbonyl)sulfur diimides[‌17‌] have all been prepared and their utility as ligands for metal complexes and as reagents in organic synthesis has been examined. The synthesis, physical properties, and reactions of N,N-dialkylsulfur diimides have been previously reviewed in HoubenWeyl, Vol. E 11, pp 584ff.[‌50‌]