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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-041-00470

Kempa, S.; Wallach, L.; Rück-Braun, K.Science of Synthesis, (201041478.

Base-induced dehydrohalogenation of α-halogenated alkylhydrazones affords alkenylazo compounds (Scheme 26). This method has been known since 1960.[‌117‌] Ammonia or sodium acetate in a mixture of ethanol and water are applied. In addition to chloro-substituted compounds, bromo-substituted alkylhydrazones can also be used.[‌118‌] The reaction of ethyl 3-(2-carbamoylhydrazinylidene)-2-chlorobutanoate [37, X=Cl; R1=CO2Et; R2=Me; R3=C(O)NH2] furnishes crude ethyl 3-(carbamoyldiazenyl)but-2-enoate [38, R1=CO2Et; R2=Me; R3=C(O)NH2] in 7080% yield.[‌117‌] Usually, bases such as sodium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, or sodium hydroxide are applied under heterogeneous conditions with diethyl ether as solvent at room temperature.[‌118‌‌126‌]

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