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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00252

Fringuelli, F.; Piermatti, O.; Pizzo, F.; Vaccaro, L.Science of Synthesis, (201047722.

Photoinduced DielsAlder reactions are carried out by irradiation with a powerful lamp (mercury, xenon, halogen, 1001000W, λ >300nm) usually in an organic solvent (dichloromethane, hexane, or ethanol). A photosensitizer (rose bengal, methylene blue, or a porphyrin) is sometimes used.[‌282‌] The irradiation can isomerize the diene or dienophile to a more reactive component (excited reagent by energy transfer) or it can produce a radical (hydrogen abstraction) or a radical cation (electron transfer) that is then trapped by the other reagent.[‌282‌] The combination of photochemical Lewis acid activation has also been used.[‌599‌] Photoinduced DielsAlder reactions have mainly been used for heterocycloadditions and with aromatic components.[‌3‌] Examples for the construction of simple cyclohexenoid systems are rare. (Z)-Cyclohept-2-en- and (Z)-cyclooct-2-en-1-ones isomerize to their highly strained E-isomers upon irradiation with UV light (Scheme 163).[‌600‌] The E-enones are excellent dienophiles that quickly undergo DielsAlder cycloadditions with isoprene furnishing trans-cyclohexene-annulated cycloalkanones 389 in fair to excellent yields. Similarly, in the UV-promoted DielsAlder cycloaddition of (Z)-cyclohept-2-en-1-one to (E)-1-methoxybuta-1,3-diene, Z/E isomerization of the cyclic enone occurs first, followed by cycloaddition leading to the favored formation of the meta,exo-adduct 390 rather than the ortho,endo-isomer 391 (Scheme 163).[‌601‌]

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