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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00309

Lu, J.-M.; Shao, L.-X.; Shi, M.Science of Synthesis, (201047763.

Cope reported the rearrangement of several nonsymmetrically substituted acyclic 1,5-dienes upon heating (Scheme 11). For example, 1,5-diene 42 rearranges, without decomposition or polymerization, upon heating at 176178°C under an atmosphere of nitrogen for 26hours, to 1,5-diene 43, which is isolated in 72% yield. Diene 44 is converted into 45 in 72% yield by heating under nitrogen for 65hours at 165185°C. Diene 46 rearranges to 47 in 90% yield on heating at 170185°C for 31hours under nitrogen.[‌20‌]

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