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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00558

Roy, K.-M.Science of Synthesis, (2010471141.

Cross-coupling reactions of vinylaluminum compounds with allylic derivatives parallel the corresponding reactions using organoboron compounds (see Section Thus, several isomerically pure E-1,4-dienes 19 are obtained in good yields by hydroalumination of alkynes 18 and subsequent allylation of the intermediate vinylaluminum compounds in the presence of a copper(I) catalyst (Scheme 12).[‌30‌] In a similar approach, the use of palladium catalysts in conjunction with carboalumination of alkynes provides a stereo- and regioselective synthesis of trienes 21[‌31‌] and tetraenes 22[‌32‌] by coupling of the vinylaluminum compounds 20 with geranyl or the isomeric neryl derivatives (Scheme 13).

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