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4.4.7 Silylboron Reagents

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-104-00395

Delvos, L. B.; Oestreich, M.Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates, (2017165.

General Introduction

The research field of silylboron reagents has witnessed immense growth since the initial summary in Science of Synthesis by Hemeon and Singer in 2002.[‌1‌] This progress is reflected by numerous reviews published in recent years, often covering different aspects of this chemistry.[‌2‌‌10‌] The synthesis of more-stable compounds containing a Si—B bond, [di­meth­yl(phenyl)silyl]pinacolborane in particular, made them attractive and routinely used reagents in organic main-group chemistry, and reports on their successful synthetic application have outnumbered publications on their synthesis by far. This section will comprehensively cover all aspects of this progress ranging from synthesis (Section to application (Section

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