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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-120-00214

Sawamura, M.; Shimizu, Y.Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updatesearly view.

Asymmetric α-alkylation of carboxylic acids is one of the most straightforward approaches for the synthesis of chiral carboxylic acids.[‌4‌,‌5‌] In recent reports, a chiral lithium amide complex generated from butyllithium and C2-symmetric tetramine 1 was shown to offer a high degree of stereocontrol when applied in the α-alkylation of carboxylic acids (Scheme 1).[‌6‌‌9‌] The reactions require an aryl or alkenyl group at the α-position of the carboxylic acid. Enediolates complexed with the chiral lithium amide, generated from the carboxylic acids by deprotonation, can react with various alkyl halides including sterically demanding 2-iodopropane (entry 3). Enantioselectivities are generally high for various carboxylic acids. α-Aryl- (entries 1–7), α-alkenyl- (entry 8), and α-oxy-substituted carboxylic acids (entry 9) are competent substrates, affording the α-alkylated products 2 in good yields and high enantioselectivities. In the case of the reaction with the α-alkenylcarboxylic acid (entry 8), the CC bond formation proceeds exclusively at the α-position, despite the potential reactivity at the γ-position. Importantly, the construction of chiral compounds with tetrasubstituted carbons is feasible under the reaction conditions (entries 7 and 9).

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