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38.11 Acyclic Geminal Bisperoxides

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-138-00067

Vil, V. A.; Bityukov, O. V.; Terentev, A. O.Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates, (20193383.

General Introduction

This chapter describes synthetic approaches for the preparation of geminal noncyclic bisperoxides such as geminal bishydroperoxides, geminal bisperoxides, bis(1-hydroperoxyalkyl) peroxides, and 1-hydroperoxyalkyl 1-hydroxyalkyl peroxides. The literature from 1940 onwards has been surveyed; this indicated period of time has, on the whole, been characterized by the development of new efficient and scaled-up methods for the preparation of these peroxide compounds, because geminal bisperoxides are widely used as important radical initiators in the industrial manufacture of polymers.

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