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1.1.4 1,2-Dibromination of Alkenes

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-201-00002

Muñiz, K.Science of Synthesis: Stereoselective Synthesis, (2011133.

Palladium catalysis has enabled the development of modified Wacker protocols. For example, in the presence of a high concentration of bromide anions, the typical Wacker oxidation can be suppressed in favor of a 1,2-dibromination reaction. While 1,2-dibromides are usually obtained conveniently from direct bromination of alkenes, the use of chirally ligated palladium (as in complexes 2224) offers a uniquely efficient way to prepare these compounds 25 in enantiomerically enriched form (Scheme 21).[‌83‌]

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