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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-204-00129

MacMillan, D. W. C.; Watson, A. J. B.Science of Synthesis: Asymmetric Organocatalysis, (20121309.

General Introduction

α,β-Unsaturated carbonyl compounds are one of the most synthetically valuable classes of substrates available to the preparative chemist. These species have enjoyed such a distinguished position for over 120 years due to the reactivity imparted to the alkenic moiety by the electron-withdrawing carbonyl vector, which enables fundamental synthetic transformations such as the 1,4-addition category of chemical bond formations.[‌1‌] Since the discovery of the first conjugate addition process by Komnenos in 1883,[‌1‌‌3‌] the 1,4-addition reaction has become a mainstay of chemical synthesis, affording a host of powerful carboncarbon and carbonheteroatom bond-forming technologies. The potential to develop asymmetric processes was quickly realized, using a number of different approaches, and continues to be an area of intense research activity.[‌1‌,‌4‌‌13‌]

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