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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-210-00002

Müller, T. J. J.Science of Synthesis: Multicomponent Reactions, (2014119.

The deeper understanding of organometallic chemistry in general and of the elementary steps in organo-transition-metal processes[‌27‌] has considerably enriched the body of novel multicomponent reactions. Besides metal-complex-mediated and -catalyzed syntheses of acyclic multicomponent reaction products, several reviews have summarized the high innovation potential of the applications of metal-catalyzed processes in multicomponent reaction syntheses of carbo- and heterocycles.[‌63‌‌66‌] Other favorable features of transition-metal-catalyzed processes are the mild reaction conditions, which allow the incorporation of many polar functional groups in the metal-catalyzed step, and secondly set the stage for subsequent transformations based upon polar or nonpolar reactivities. As a consequence, almost all possible kinds of combinations of elementary steps can be envisioned for the invention of new multicomponent reaction sequences.

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