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6 Bipolar Electrochemistry for Synthesis

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-236-00125

Villani, E.; Inagi, S.Science of Synthesis: Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis, (20211153.

General Introduction

Bipolar electrochemistry has experienced a renaissance in recent years in many areas of academic research, ranging from the design of gradient polymer surfaces,[‌1‌] to the generation of dynamic systems[‌2‌] (e.g., micro-motors), from electrocatalyst screening,[‌3‌] to sensing,[‌4‌] and, especially, in the field of materials science.[‌5‌] The reason for its success can be attributed to the unique features of this technique compared to traditional electrochemical systems, which make bipolar electrochemistry an inherently green and sustainable chemical process for the synthesis of novel materials (Figure 1).

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