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4.3.1 Experimental Procedures

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-241-00249

Cai, B.; Krusemark, C. J.Science of Synthesis: DNA-Encoded Libraries, (20241600.

In the crosslinking-based approach (Scheme 1, part A and Scheme 2),[‌8‌] a protein target with a SnapTag purification tag is expressed on HEK293 suspension cells. Upon binding, an electrophilic crosslinker (RG-ssDNA) is added to covalently trap protein–ligand interactions by affinity labeling. Benzylguanine-biotin (BG-biotin) is co-incubated with cells to covalently label SnapTag. After lysis of the cells, biotinylated proteins are captured on streptavidin beads. Stringent washes are applied to remove non-binders. Enriched ligands are identified by qPCR or DNA sequencing.

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