Science of Synthesis as a Teaching Resource: Useful Links

In addition to its application as a tool to aid synthetic chemistry research, the authored content of Science of Synthesis can also be useful in an educational context. We have collected some direct links to Science of Synthesis chapters that are useful as a resource for the preparation and teaching of advanced organic chemistry courses. The articles on particular topics (e.g., types of transformation, named reactions) can be used as a reference resource when preparing course material. They also serve as an excellent starting point for students for further reading around a topic. Furthermore, Science of Synthesis is a useful resource to students who are assigned coursework such as compiling a literature review or when writing an introduction to a thesis.

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  • The chapters denoted with a * are those which the editorial office feel might be particularly useful from a teaching perspective. This generally means that there is a broad coverage of the topic in question, and this is often supplemented in the discussion text with significant details of aspects such as mechanisms, selectivity, scope/limitations, practical examples, etc.
  • We are often complimented on the clarity of the schemes and figures in Science of Synthesis; if you would like to be supplied with the original drawings for any particular chapter to aid with the preparation of course materials, then please just get in touch with the editorial office (